Cynthia Wick: Inspired by the Berkshires




When Cynthia Wick moved from Los Angeles to Lenox, MA,  she was not so much trying to reinvent her life but rejuvenate it. A one-time movie marketing executive who’d been painting full-time for a decade while raising two sons, she and her writer-husband, Chan Gibson, felt suffocated by a California culture dominated by show business and shopping. “We wanted to live somewhere where we could breathe,” she says. “We wanted to live in a blue state. We wanted good public schools. We wanted to be able to get to a big city for the day.”

She intially came back east two years ago on a fact-finding mission to see if the Berkshires might be a place she could call home. “We weren’t in any rush to move, but both my parents had recently died and there was a sense of carpe diem,” she says. “I spent three days looking at houses withTim Lovett of Berkshire Property Agents, and right before I was about to leave he showed me the house on Cliffwood Street. Even before we walked in the door, I knew I was home.”

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