mary janes 18"x24" acrylic on board
boy with hat 48"x30" oil on canvas
summer 48'x36" oil on canvas
stanley sheinbaum sleeping in the garden 10"x12" oil on board
state of grace 30"x40" oil on canvas
the last year 24"x18" gouache on brown paper
vermont 14"x11" gouache on board
out of the woods #1 14"x11" gouache on board
gardener with broom 16"x12" oil on board
woman reading 11"x14" oil on board
woman in park 5 1/2"x6" oil on board
white triangle hat 8"x10" oil on board
umbrella and pink face 6"x6" oil on board
time out 8"x10" oil on board
pink pam 12"x16" oil on board
pink dress 5 1/2x8 1/2 oil on board
out of the wood #2 24"x18" gouache on brown paper
pink 8"x10" oil on board
petra in velvet chair 12"x16" oil on board
mr. ward 16"x20" oil on canvas
michael on the porch 24"x20" oil on canvas
man on porch 30"x30" oil on canvas
leslie 10"x12" oil on canvas
lady with fan 8"x10" oil on board
joe 14"x11" oil on canvas
jack 30"x40" oil on canvas
hopper's girl 9"x12" oil on board
gardener gardener 12"x16" oil on board
gardener 8"x10" oil on board
dad in transition 48"x30" oil on canvas
charlie with cast reading 16"x20" oil on canvas
charlie in garden 11"x12" oil on canvas
california 9"x12" oil on board
bus driver 8"x10" oil on board
boys in the desert 48"x36" oil on canvas
apple man 8"x10" oil on board
anne's red chair 12"x12" oil on board
almost susan 9"x12" oil on board