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You’ve no doubt heard the old quip about how to get to Carnegie Hall. If Cynthia Wick’s practice ethic is any indication, she might just be on her way to maestro status. The Los Angeles native, who earned her B.F.A. from UCLA and then spent 20 years in the movie business, has been creating art on a daily basis for decades, and the results are pretty spectacular.

Cynthia left the film world for the Berkshires about five years ago and returned to her passion, painting. Her portraiture, landscapes, and still lifes all bear her signature soft, brustroke-y hand, a nuanced play of shadow and highlight, and often unexpected color combinations.

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Cynthia Wick’s Incredible iPad Art – Huffington Post

The iPad is known as an entertainment center, a business tool and a user-friendly way to surf the web, but we had no idea that it could be used for art!Cynthia Wick‘s new body of work was conveniently completed using her finger tips.

Two years ago, Wick discovered the painting app “Brushes” and the artist became instantly hooked. In an e-mail to HuffPost Arts, she wrote: “I take it everywhere and for me it is a kind of virtual studio. My inspiration is always the color and light on shapes I see every day.” The ease of its use allow Wick to instantly capture what she sees around her, making a trek carrying a giant easel unnecessary.

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Cynthia Wick: Inspired by the Berkshires




When Cynthia Wick moved from Los Angeles to Lenox, MA,  she was not so much trying to reinvent her life but rejuvenate it. A one-time movie marketing executive who’d been painting full-time for a decade while raising two sons, she and her writer-husband, Chan Gibson, felt suffocated by a California culture dominated by show business and shopping. “We wanted to live somewhere where we could breathe,” she says. “We wanted to live in a blue state. We wanted good public schools. We wanted to be able to get to a big city for the day.”

She intially came back east two years ago on a fact-finding mission to see if the Berkshires might be a place she could call home. “We weren’t in any rush to move, but both my parents had recently died and there was a sense of carpe diem,” she says. “I spent three days looking at houses withTim Lovett of Berkshire Property Agents, and right before I was about to leave he showed me the house on Cliffwood Street. Even before we walked in the door, I knew I was home.”

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Cynthia Wick ipad paintings animation

Finger painting on an iPad using the brushes app.

Rumba presents iPad paintings



When Angeleno Cynthia Wick gave up her Hollywood career thirteen years ago, she returned to her truest calling and once again began making art. After receiving her BFA from UCLA and studying at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design, and the Art Students’ League in New York City, Wick devoted two decades to the movie business as Executive Vice President of Marketing at 20th Century Fox, followed by a partnership at Aspect Ratio, a movie marketing company.

Her recent move to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts has greatly influenced her artwork, inspiring her to listen more closely to her own voice and take risks. Outside of the urban hustle, Wick is able to work more freely, echoing the expansive beauty in which she currently resides with her husband and two children. Her recent exploration of iPad painting, using the medium as an electronic sketchbook, has resulted in a gorgeous body of work, comprised of still lifes, landscapes, and portraits. These iPad creations allow Wick to create compelling imagery with the flick of a finger, images gleaned both from life and captured moments in photographic form, Wick filing in the unknown with her own memory and imagination.

We are quite thrilled to present iPad Paintings by Cynthia Wick, which celebrates its opening with Wick herself at rumba on Saturday, March 3rd, from 5-8 p.m. Please join us! To whet your artistic appetite, here are a few of our picks from the show of thirty vibrant, limited edition prints, each framed and measuring 33” x 26”; from left to right, “Stool”, “Orange Tree”, and “Yellow.”

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