about the artist…

Cynthia Wick was born and raised in Los Angeles. She received her BFA from UCLA and worked for two decades in the movie business, as Executive Vice President of Marketing at 20th Century Fox, and then as a partner at Aspect Ratio, a movie marketing company.  During this time her drawings were regularly featured on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times.  Following her career in Hollywood, she returned to her roots as a painter. She lives in the Berkshires with her husband and two sons.


I’ve always been an artist. I’ve never not had pencils, pastels, markers, paper around me, in my pockets, purse, backpack. The way I see the world is through light and color. Even when I am not painting I’m making pictures in my head. I am transported when I paint. It is private and beautiful. I am interested in the every day observances of my life. My boys. The woods. A chair in my house, when light hits an object a certain way, the sun on a hill, the pink reflected light under a chin, the violet in a shadow. There is something quite physical that happens to me. It makes me swoon. What I love is that the moment I am painting is transient and will never be there again except in my painting. My move to the Berkshires has affected my work in a profound way. I haven’t had access to my old community of painters and that has forced me to listen more closely to my own voice and take risks. Working larger and looser. Living in this continuous beauty and open space allows me to relax into the work. I finger paint on my ipad when not in my studio. It’s like an electronic sketchbook.There is something tactile and spontaneous about painting with my finger. The process is freeing and has helped me paint in a more intuitive way. I used to paint only from life and had quite a strident opinion about that. I have started to work from my photographs and also refer back to older photographs and use them as a point of departure, filling in with memory and imagination. This has been freeing for me and exciting. I work in oil, acrylic and lately gouache on board. My main focus as a painter is to capture the emotion in what I see. I’m not afraid of that word. That feeling draws me in and ignites connection and what thrills me. In my work as in my life I am most compelled by what’s revealed when I engage in something with my whole heart.


Born 1957 and raised in Los Angeles California.
Graduated from UCLA in 1979
Moved to NYC.
Studied at Parsons School of Design, The Art Students League, The School of Visual Arts
1981-1986…in NYC…Spiros Associates…creative advertising agency…creative director
1986-1991…in LA…20th Century Fox Film Corp…exec vp of marketing
1991-1999…in LA….Aspect Ratio…movie advertising agency…partner
1980-1990….contributing illustrator NY Times op-ed page
2009…moved to the Berkshires.


2012…Rumba/Santa Monica, CA…Solo Show…Ipad Paintings
2011…Art101…Williamsburg, NY…solo show
2011….nine paintings in the movie…Spiderman
2009….three paintings appeared in the movie…It’s Complicated
2008….SMFAS/Santa Monica, CA….solo gallery in group show
2006….Rumba/Santa Monica, CA…
2005….Art Studio…Santa Monica, CA…group